A Means to Live, Learn and Evolve

Over the last two weeks I have had the opportunity to meet a set of interesting people. People who are committed to learning from nature and in turn helping themselves as well as nature evolve.

What did I get to see?

  • A three year old farm that has rejuvenated itself from being semi-arid to become an active learning center for permaculture that now attracts interesting people from world over.
  • A six acre farm that applies Natural Farming principles to increase soil fertility, demonstrate self-sustainability and joyful community living.
  • A barren piece of land that was full of pebbles without any top soil is now a thriving seed bank that keeps alive exotic and indigenous plant species. The best part – this was envisioned and executed by two people without any external inputs (or) hired labour.
  • A re-forestation cum water conservation project that has transformed about 70 acres of eroded land into a lush green landscape along with increasing the ground water level by 20 feet. This was made possible through a thriving community of volunteers based on the principles of gift economy.
  • A 43 acre farm, part of the Sri Aurobindo Society that practices holistic farming practices to produce fruits, vegetables, pulses and oil. Also the weeds (that otherwise are discarded in farms) are classified according to their medicinal value and used in natural healing.

Personally it has been inspiring as well as paradigm shifting. But more importantly it has increased my conviction of what i set out to do . . .

It is now becoming more clear to me to that connecting back to one’s roots and living in tune with nature does not imply going back in time (or) escaping from current reality.

In fact if anything at all it is a means to live, learn and evolve. Why do I say this?


I have first hand witnessed how people are leading a fulfilling life. Sure owning/ running a farm is not going to get you a million dollars, private investments or anything of that nature. But it certainly can provide for one’s basic needs, allows one to spend time with their loved ones and helps one lead a healthy life. In fact for the first time in my life I am waking up at sunrise looking forward to the day ahead. To be able to live, thrive, be happy and not merely survive –  to me means a life worth living.


The joy of learning what one seeks itself is a special feeling. Even more so when the process of deeper learning continually happens through observation, introspection and trial & errors. Living in tune with nature provides such opportunities aplenty – as and when one is ready.


This is really an extension of the above two and the only reason i put it out separately is to explore the concept of being connected. Though this could mean many things to many people, to me being connected is about being in touch with one’s myself and being able to get more aware about myself and my actions. Also at another level I see it as a partnership with nature – a collaboration to help each other out in expressing our true selves.

So this is where I am at after the first few weeks of my journey (still in the exploration phase).


I am pleasantly surprised at the number of people wanting to live a more meaningful life in tune with nature – almost every second or third person I’m meeting nowadays. Maybe it’s just a filter I am applying or my search is leading me to these kind of people. Whatever it is it feels empowering.

I would also love to know what you thought about this post.